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The layout of the FT web app has changed - what’s going on?

We have redesigned the web app to make it cleaner and easier to read, with a fresher design and less clutter. Navigation is more intuitive, making it easier and quicker to find the content you like. The redesign is a key step in innovating and improving the FT’s offering to deliver our readers an optimal content experience, whichever platform they use to access FT news and analysis.

What exactly has changed in the new-look web app?

You now have the option of choosing a static morning edition, which mirrors that day’s newspaper. You can switch between this and the dynamically updating version, which is more like and includes videos, blogs and slideshow, as you need. We have introduced My FT, a central place to store your personalised information including clippings, recommended reads, recently viewed articles and portfolio summary. Other new content includes a blog hub: the index page for all FT blogs, embedded video, news from FTftm and FT Money and more vibrant images.

Why is the redesigned app only available for iPad?

iPad is the key platform for FT web app users and is used by the majority of our mobile audience. Unveiling the redesign on iPad first ensures we enhance the quality of FT content available on our main channel and can then extend it to our other mobile products.

Will I get the new version of the FT app in the same way I receive other app updates, ie through the ’updates’ tab in the iTunes store?

No. No more updates to the existing app will be published from the iTunes store. If you want to see the latest and best version of the FT app, you should just visit from your device’s web browser and follow the on-screen instructions.

The app is asking me if I want to ’increase the database size’. What does this mean?

When you first open the application, we need to ask for a little bit of extra space than a normal website would require in order to allow the app to function properly and for you to be able to download the FT to read offline. By accepting this message you are allotting a little bit of space for the app to function in. We ask for just 50MB of space – the equivalent of around 10 songs in iTunes. Don’t worry – this space does not increase exponentially every time you use the app and the app never uses more space than this on your device.

What devices does it work on?

The application is designed to work on all iPads running iOS5 and above. It does not run on iOS4. You will need an active data connection in order to use the application for the first time.

How do I get the application onto my device?

Simply open the browser on your iPad and navigate to To be able to use the application when you don’t have a signal, we encourage you to save it to your device’s home screen.

Do I need to pay for the application?

The app is free to download and browse through the sections. To access articles you will need to register, which you can do in the app. Registered users can access a limited number of articles – for full access you will need to subscribe. You can subscribe either within the application, on, or by calling our sales team on the appropriate number from this list.

What are the rules of the iPad access model?

Non-registered users can still see headlines and watch the videos, but users need to register in order to read articles.

Once registered, you can access up to 3 articles for free every 30 days. You can also set up a portfolio to track on, register for email alerts and other features on the main website.

Standard subscribers receive full, unmetered access to all content except the FT’s Lex columns. A premium subscription offers full access to all content.

What is the difference between the FT iPhone app and the FT iPad app?

Both applications are optimised to best fit the screen size of the devices. The iPhone app has a slightly different navigation, in order to allow access to the full breadth of FT content on a small screen. The iPad app offers the choice between Live and Morning editions, the customised My FT section, and other new features described above.

I can’t sign in to the application?

Don’t forget your username and password details are the same as on They are CASE SENSITIVE so you will need to enter your details into the app appropriately. If you are still having trouble or have forgotten your password please contact

Where do I find the navigation?

Tapping on the section selector at the lower-left corner of any page will open the navigation.

I can’t sign in to the application but I am using the correct details?

If you are sure you are entering the correct login details for your account but are not able to log in, there may be a problem with your account. Simply email with your details and this can be resolved.

How do I log out of the app?

You will be able to log out of the app by clicking on the ’Your account’ button in the toolbar at the bottom of the app. Press the button to see your current status, and then select the Sign out option to log out of the app.

I used to be able to download an edition to read offline in your previous application. How do I download content to read offline?

Whenever you open the FT web app, it automatically downloads content to read offline. You will see the refresh icon spinning as all of the information is downloaded. Once downloaded you will be able to access all of the articles, and a snapshot of the markets data at the time of download. Note that videos are not downloaded for offline access as this would make the download time far too long.

Please note that for full offline access you need to open the app from the home screen. If you open the app in the browser, images and some of the secondary section content (for example the ’Companies by industry’ news) will not be downloaded for offline reading.

How do I remove the application from my iPad?

To remove the app, follow the same procedure that you use for any other iPhone or iPad applications. Press and hold the FT icon on your homescreen until it begins to wobble. Press the “X” in the corner of the icon and then tap delete to remove the icon. You can also remove the icon directly via iTunes. To fully remove the app, however, you need to clear the cache and databases from your device.

I cannot view my portfolio?

The portfolio feature is available to registered users or subscribers who have previously set up a portfolio on You will not yet be able to set up a new portfolio via the application. Don’t forget, you will have to sign in to view your portfolio.

I cannot access Lex content in the application?

Lex content is only available to premium subscribers, although will be available to all registered users until the 14th June as part of our introductory free access.

I cannot find the content/stock I am looking for?

The application should include all news sections as published in the FT weekday newspaper, and the vast majority of Weekend content. We will be rolling out new upgrades to the app (which you will receive automatically) to ensure that the application is as comprehensive as possible.

I cannot play FT Video on my device?

FT Video requires an active WiFi or 3G connection to stream. If you are viewing the offline version of the iPad application you will not be able to view FT video on your device.

How much data does the FT application use?

Downloading an entire edition of the FT for offline reading means that downloading an entirely new edition of the FT could take a maximum of 25-30MB of data to download. However, in daily usage this will be much lower than this, as the application will download just the new or changed information.

As with all applications you use on your iPhone and iPad, users roaming outside of their home country or network should be aware of expensive data roaming charges, and switch off data roaming. Instructions on doing this can be found here.

If you can’t find the answer to your question, contact us:


Phone: +44 (0) 20 7775 6248 (UK/Europe/Middle East/Africa)

Phone: 1 917 551 5005 (US/Canada)

Phone: +632 982 5780 (Asia)

Technical Q&A


Are the My FT clipped articles the same as my clippings?

When you first clip an article or special report from the web app this will create a new list on called ‘Web App Clippings’. Items clipped from the web app will appear here. The web app will synchronise with this list periodically.

How many articles and special reports can I clip from the web app?

You can clip as many articles or special reports as you like, but only the twenty most recently clipped articles or five most recently clipped special reports will be visible in the app.

To manage your clipped articles or delete clippings from this list, please visit

Will items I have clipped be available offline?

Yes. Items that you have clipped in the web app will be available to read when your device is offline or in airplane mode.

Are my FT web app clippings iPad-only?

Yes. Clippings is currently for iPad only and will come to other devices soon