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Richer content

Stories brought to life with videos, embedded slideshows and hi-res images, giving you a richer reading experience.

We’ve also added new sections to the web app including Money, FTfm and Special Reports.

New look and feel

Improved navigation and updated page layouts make it easier and faster to find the content that matters most to you.

A new, cleaner design makes reading easier, with more room for news and easy swiping from one article to the next.


My FT is your new hub for all personalised features including clippings, recommended reads, recently viewed articles and your portfolio summary.

Enhanced FT Weekend

Enjoy our superb lifestyle content wherever you are with the new FT Weekend — from the best in global arts and culture, to designer homes and distinctive travel.

Review from the editor of FT.com

Review the changes with FT.com’s Managing Editor Robert Shrimsley.

Discover how the new web app for iPad delivers the same FT content you trust, but in an improved, easier-to-read package.

Morning Edition

Morning Edition presents content as per that morning’s newspaper – and won’t update throughout the day, giving you a reading experience as close to the paper as possible.

Prefer to get updated on the latest news as it comes in throughout the day? Just switch back to the Live Edition.

Using your existing account

As you would expect, the FT web app is fully integrated into your FT digital subscription so all you have to do is log in using your existing account information to begin reading.

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