FT web app for

iPhone & iPad

The FT web app, which is optimised for use on iPad and iPhone, is available via your Safari or Chrome browser at app.ft.com. The web app is our most complete app to date and is regularly updated to include new tools, features and sections.

FT app for Android

The FT app for Android is optimised for your phone and tablet, giving you the best experience of the FT no matter your device. The FT app for Android can be downloaded via Google Play either on your device or from your desktop.

FT Weekend App Edition

Enjoy our superb lifestyle content wherever you are, with the new FT Weekend App Edition. With unlimited access through your tablet and smartphone, you’ll enjoy the weekend’s richest read – from the best in global arts and culture, to designer homes and distinctive travel.

Samsung TV app

Financial Times videos are now available to TV viewers with the launch of the FT Samsung Smart TV App.

The app shows the latest FT video, including high-quality analysis and coverage of the leading stories and issues in politics, business and finance. It also broadcasts culture and lifestyle features and a text scroller of the latest FT news headlines.


The Financial Times’ award-winning 24-hour news service fastFT is now available on the Samsung Gear S device. The app is powered by Spritz, the text-streaming technology that delivers written content to the reader one word at a time at their desired speed.

How To Spend It magazine app

A FREE app that delivers the content of more than 60 issues of the FT’s multi-award winning luxury lifestyle magazine, plus exclusive daily postings by its top contributors. With glamour and authority in equal measure, it showcases the very best in fast cars and fabulous fashion, insider travel and exquisite homes, covetable gadgets and collectable watches – and everything in between.